keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2011

Alone at home all alone

Today i thought i could write in English, because that accentuates my miserable and i just felt like it. I'm so tired right now.. I'm listening Porcupine (which i think is fantastic!), drink glögi and eat chocolate. I'm at home all alone because someone stood up! :p Well that's propably ok. I think i have sat in front of this computer the hole vacation.. At this moment, i really should read biology but there's no point right now.. I mind sound a bit depressed right now but propably i'm just too tired.

I just wish i could travel somewhere far away. I want to meet new people and have new friends and enjoy of life. But i'm stuck in this cold country and this f*** tiny town where is absolutely nothing. So tired of everything. :p (This really is a bad bad day..) If i only had enough money i would leave this place immediately. Sounds like a thought which i'm going to fulfil when i finish high school. Well, maybe i have complained enough.. :p Have a nice evening everyone and listen Porcupine!

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